Yoga for the Individual

Stress management with Ahimsa

What is Ahimsa?

Non violence (The Yoga Sutras - Book Two - 30.)
Not causing pain. Not by your words, not by your thoughts and not in your actions.Towards others and also towards yourself.

The effect of disstress on your body and mind is very personal, as well as the ways of coping with it.

Therefore the healing process is unique as well. The seeds that help one person grow, might not be the right seeds for another. Approaching yourself with the idea of ahimsa, is the water we need for the seeds.

I will focus on you as the individual and unique person you are and together we will work on finding harmony in your body and mind through movement, resting positions and breath.

I will work individually or in a small group of max. 2

My story - Short and Sweet
I have dealt with a burnout and long term stress effects for many years. The strong connection between mental health, physical health and movement as a remedy, became very clear to me. This resulted into following studies relating to Restorative Yoga, stress/burnout management and Yoga Therapy.

Yoga for the Individual

Private Yoga Classes

Classes that complement that what you need most in order to stay healthy

Using exercises that strengthen and free the joints.
Asanas to energise and/or restore.

"What is done in love, is done well" - Vincent van Gogh

I mainly teach Vinyasa Yoga. The class combines a creative flow
of different postures that synchronize with the breath, and leaving space for meditation.
I design my classes with a mindset of "embracing your limitations and celebrating your possibilities".
Creating a safe environment with a vibe that is light and fun.

Restorative Yoga has also become a part of what I teach
It has taught me to see the importance of taking care of myself
so that I'm able to take care of the world around me.

Yoga has allowed me to get to the core of my being. It’s incredibly enriching when there is consciousness of how you treat your self and others, through connecting to body, mind and the conciousness that you share with the world around you. I choose to share my enthusiasm and passion through teaching.

18:00 Train More Koninginneweg
Advanced Vinyasa

19:45 Train More Singel

07:30 Train More Oosterdok
Restorative Yoga

09:00 Train More Oosterdok

19:30 Het Gymlokaal

07:30 Train More Oosterdok
Restorative Yoga

09:00 Train More Oosterdok

18:30 Train More Koninginneweg
Vinyasa Yoga

19:45 Train More Koninginneweg
Restorative Yoga

10:30 Train More Koninginneweg

11:45 Train More Koninginneweg
Restorative Yoga